Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scheming Scammers

I was scammed. About two weeks into my money making venture I found a data entry position that was of interest to me. I decided to purchase the "Home Based Typist" learners guide book. I saw an advertisement posted for home based typists it claimed that you could work your own hours and process as many orders as you wanted to. Once I purchased the $11.99 package I found out that what I had purchased was a booklet on how to write ads just like the one that had lured me in. It is hard to explain and that is why I have added part of the booklet here (the booklet I am supposed to be selling for between $10-$20) so that you will know to steer clear of this scam:

Home Based Typist
Data Entry Specialist
Home Typist / Data Entry Specialist
Complete Success is within your reach!

SECTION 1: Getting Started
To get you started making money, we have some simple steps for you to follow. Your first steps are to place ads similar to the one you responded to.

First Step: How to place ads In order for anyone to respond to you about this opportunity, you must place an ad on the Internet, again, similar to the one you responded to. Use one of your own or one from the Reference Section A. You may need to retype it and put it into your own words. You can place your ads on Yahoo, Google, just to name a few. There are literally hundreds of places to place your ads for free! Remember the more ads you place the more exposure you will have and the more orders you will have emailed to you.

If you would like to contact me about the Data Entry Typist file so you can learn more about how this scam works please e-mail:

The most legitimate, inexpensive and professional site I know for data entry and freelance work is below:

Freelance Work Exchange: Find work, make money!

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