Sunday, March 11, 2007

Paid To Do Surveys

You can sign up for free paying surveys. You have more of an advantage at making money from free survey sites if you are a U.S. resident. I have listed a few sites that I am a member of that are free to sign up with

Earn Cash for Completing Surveys Online!

Survey Savvy

It is important to know that many survey companies enter you in prize and money draws instead of paying cash. Whether these companies are free to sign up with or not there is a chance you will only get entered into draws. When you purchase a survey program you have a better chance at selecting and taking the surveys that will pay you in cash. With a purchased survey site the companies that pay you cash are divided from those that reward you with draw entries. If you are a U.S. resident I suggest you go for the above free sites; however, if you are not the survey companies I would go with are Survey Scout or Maximum Paid Surveys. You can read the FAQ section or e-mail them to find out how many market research companies pay in cash and not draw entries. They respond very quickly to e-mails. One thing to remember when viewing their site is that these sites will probably not make you independently wealthy like they say. Just because one person pulled in $5000 one month doesn't mean that everyone will. They pick people to participate in surveys based on particular demographics. You may not always be the the person they are looking for.

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